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Why is Bollywood so popular

Bollywood is an informal term used to describe the Hindi-language movie industry from Mumbai, India. The word “Bollywood” was coined with the old name for Mumbai – Bombay, and the word “Hollywood,” describing American movie industry. “Bollywood” refers only to one part of the Indian movie industry although it is often wrongly used to describe the entire film production from that country. The formal name for this movie industry would be Hindi Cinema. Bollywood movie production is one of the largest in the world, probably second only to Hollywood.

Bollywood’s history can be divided into two eras – the Golden Age and the Modern Cinema. The Golden Age of Bollywood started with the Indian Independence and lasted from the 1940s to 1960s. Some of the greatest movies of this era, which were recognized outside India as well, include Guru Dutt’s “Pyaasa,” Mehboob Khan’s “Mother India,” Chetan Anand’s  “Neecha Nagar” and Raj Kapoor’s “Awaara.”

The Modern Cinema of Bollywood first focused on romantic and family movies, then in the 1970s made way for gangster and bandit movies and back to the cheerful, family-friendly movies and musicals in the early 1990s. The Parallel Cinema and some arthouse productions were also present in the 1980s and the 1990s.

Bollywood movies were, of course, always very popular in India, far more so than foreign or American movies. In the early 2000s, Bollywood became very popular all over the world, which resulted in increased quality of the movies, larger and more expensive productions and better scripts. Hindi themes started permeating various aspects of culture, from clothing to music to food and lifestyle. TV shows also became quite popular and Bollywood movie festivals started sprouting from England to America.

One of the reasons why Bollywood is so big in the rest of the world today lies partly in the fact that there are many Indian immigrants and their families living all over the world. However, it is obvious that Bollywood movies also attract audiences that are not connected with India through family or other ties.

Another reason for the popularity of Hindi-language movies may be that they are usually perceived as very cheerful, colorful and fun. In many movies there is a lot of singing and dancing, the choreography is very elaborate and the dancers are highly skilled. The Hindi lifestyle, as presented through many Bollywood movies, seems like a fairy tale. The women are gorgeous, the dresses and accessories they wear are amazing. Everything is so fantastic in these movies, it’s almost like watching a Disney classic. Another thing that appeals to foreign audiences is the fact that these movies are often so over-the-top. If there are special effects in the movie, you can be sure they are going to be all over the place, exaggerated and often unrealistic. Car chases are going to involve hundreds of destroyed vehicles and fight scenes are going to be long and violent. The emotions the characters express are also sometimes perceived as exaggerated, whether it is joy, sadness or anger. All this combined with an overall sense of strangeness and diversity makes Bollywood movies so appealing for audiences all over the world.

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